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Thakorji Darshan

The main temple and headquarter's of Anoopam Mission UK is based in Denham, near Uxbridge on the outskirts of West London

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The Temple

The main hall on the ground floor of the building was converted into the temple and 'pat murtis,' - painted murtis of the deities were placed. In 1989,on the auspicious occasion of golden jubilee celebrations of Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji, the garba gruh (inner sanctum) was built and marble deities of Lord Swaminarayan, Gunatitanand Swami and Gopalanand Swami were installed and consecrated by Param Pujya Sahebji, Param Pujya.Pappaji and Param Pujya Hariprasad Swamiji.

Campus Scenario


Anoopam Mission UK was established in 1978. At that time a small house in Wembley served as the Mission's base and temple. The premises soon became too small to accommodate the increasing numbers and thereby in 1980 the search for a larger place began.

Today Anoopam Mission stands on 14 acres of land. The land and buildings were previously occupied by an old peoples home. Once when passing this particular piece of land, Pujya Sonaba had remarked that an open piece such as this should be sought. Later, an old lady who would often shop at Vinodbhai Nakarja's store casually told him that the property they were living in was to be sold. Upon enquiry it was found to be the same piece of land that Sonaba had pointed out. However, the land and buildings were in such bad state that many had reservations about buying the property. When Pujya Dadukaka saw the property in 1981, he held Himat Swami's hand and firmly told him, "You must buy this, consider this to be Sahebji's word". The property was thereby procured in 1981. Through the intense effort of all the devotees, and Guruvarya Sahebji's loving guidance, the whole building and the grounds were transformed into the tranquil devotional haven that it is today.

Activities : Spiritual Activities
Anoopam Mission's spiritual activities consist of the following:

Spiritual camps

These camps are organized for all ages (age groups), periodically throughout the year, aiming at upliftment of life (soul) in all aspects. This is preached by selfless service to God, one's family and our community with highest values of religious tolerance (charity/acceptance), non-violence and love.

Under the guidance of Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji, vratdhari sadhaks and disciples regularly undertake religious tours to various pilgrim places across the country.

Kirtan Aradhana

Vratdh√£ri Santo and devotees of Anoopam Mission orchestra an evening full of devotional singing with harmonious music on 23rd of every month, from 8:15 pm to 10:00 pm Devotees from near by areas gather for this event. (The time changes if the 23rd falls on a weekend)

Celebration of religious festivals

Anoopam Mission celebrates with devotion, all major Hindu festivals including auspicious days of Swaminarayan saints and events.

Padramani, Mahapuja and Prayer at devotees homes

  • 'Padramanis' are personal visits made by Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji and Vratdhari sadhaks to the homes and businesses of devotees. They regularly travel across India for Mahapuja, prayers and impart comfort and guidance where required.

Establishment and development of countrywide centers

  • Regular gatherings of devotees are promoted locally across the country, for prayer, chanting and reading of scripture.
  • Activities between centers are co-ordinated throughout the UK to assist in their development.
  • Countrywide centers serve as spiritual and cultural bases for all devotees throughout the UK, and serve also to keep children in touch with spiritual and moral values.
Other Activities

Containers of Peace: Collection and shipment of clothing from corporate sponsors such as JS Sainsburys, Marks & Spencer etc, to India for distribution to the needy.

Gujarati Classes: conducted by Anoopam Mission volunteer on a weekly basis

Support of Charitable Causes: Anoopam Mission UK has been active in mobilising support for charitable causes such as child sponsorship and relief projects.

Summer youth camps: To promote spiritual and cultural values among youth and families.

The Monte Memorial Tournament: An annual football and netball tournament organised by youth in memory of P.Manojbhai Kachela, a sadhak who sacrificed his life saving another.

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