Relief Work
Containers of Peace (Anoopam Mission , U.K.)
- Clothes Distribution to Poor & Needy People

The highly successful project involves the collection of surplus clothing by Anoopam Mission UK. Corporate sponsors in the UK, consisting of some of the largest and most prestigious companies, have collaborated with Anoopam Mission UK to provide the clothing and other assistance. These clothes are shipped to Anoopam Mission India, which distributes the clothes throughout India to those in need, regardless of religion, caste, creed or race.

  • Corporate sponsorers includes :
    J. Sainburys, Woolworths, Marks & Spencers, Virgin and Gillette
  • Anoopam Mission UK sends on average 1 container per month
Donations of clothes are very welcome.

Send your donations to any of the following mission
Brahmajyoti - India || Brahmajyoti - UK || Brahmajyoti - USA
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