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About Us...
Mitra Rehabilitation Centre falls under the wing of Yogi Vidyapeeth, an educational nucleus of Anoopam Mission. Anoopam Mission is a non-profitable and a charitable organization. Mitra is a vision of Anoopam Mission’s President Param Pujya Jashbhai Saheb. On 15th July 1993, it opened its doors for the care and training of differently abled children of village Mogri, district Anand in Gujarat, India. Mitra has now flourished into a Mitra Rehabilitation Center looking after the special needs of differently abled, Autistic, Cerebral Palsy and Multiply disabled children. Mitra Rehabilitation Center is a non government organization and runs a day care program in the premises of the mainstream school of Yogi Vidyapeeth.
Mitra School has completed 23 years successfully working for the society and now it has shifted to its new premises on 16th June 2014.

Our Mission and Values
To provide exceptional services and training to the children with special needs to become self sustaining individuals. This will help them to lead their life with dignity and self respect to become productive members of the society.
Mitra believes in mutual respect which creates mutual trust.
We value teamwork with professionals, parents and those who volunteer to be part our team.
The team of professionals is committed to the work and to the quality of improvement.

Diagnostic Services :
‘Mitra’ has a multidisciplinary approach consisting of a special educator, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, speech therapist & audiologist, pediatrician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist & a social worker. The child is thoroughly assessed by all the experts and then various programs are offered by the centre according to the child’s needs.

Early Intervention and Sensory Stimulation Program :
An infant is assessed on developmental screening tests for early identification of developmental delays. As per the child’s need an intervention cum sensory stimulation program is planned for the child’s further development. It also trains the parents for the child’s future development.

Individualized Education Program :
A child who cannot fit into a group due to his/her behavioral problems or hyperactivity is given a one to one approach i.e. an individualized education program. The program is specially designed according to the child’s need.

Special Education Program :
Special education program is a day care program providing special education to the children between 5 to 18 years according to their age and abilities. The program emphasizes on the all round development of the child like -    

  • Physical motor skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Communication skills
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Social and Emotional development
  • Domestic and Vocational skills
  • Leisure time activities
  • A functional curriculum is planned and modified, as and when necessary, on the basis of the needs of the children. The children are grouped into pre-primary, primary, post primary, pre-vocational  and opportunity groups. Opportunity group offers a program to children who have been wrongly diagnoised and labeled and have missed out years of schooling. They are given academic program according to their pace.

    Homebound Program :
    Children who cannot attend the school regularly due to severe handicapping conditions or who have to come from remote and far off places are provided with a homebound program. Parents can come once or twice and the program is designed for the parents on how to handle and manage the development of the child at home. Also a team of special educator & other experts go to their home and provide the program. Even children below five years of age can avail this program.

    Integration Program:
    ‘Mitra’ is fortunate to have a mainstream school and it has successfully integrated many children in the mainstream school. All the cultural programs, sports meet, celebrations, etc are encouraged to celebrate jointly with the children with special needs and the children of mainstream school. This helps the children to understand their differences & learn to respect each other.

    Professional Training Program:
    The centre offers a wide range of professional training which allows professionals to know the latest updates in the field of special education.
      • In service training takes place on a continuous basis for special teachers.
      • Refresher courses are conducted for special teachers.
      • A remedial teachers training course is offered for teachers of both- mainstream school and school with special needs.
      • Conferences, seminars and workshops are attended and organized on a regular basis for teachers.

    Consultation Services :
    Consultation & staff training services are provided to the organizations intending to launch similar services in the rural areas. Services are also offered to schools who have integrated children with special needs in the mainstream schools.

    Parent Education Program:
    Parents are by & then given training through lectures, seminars & workshops which helps them & their family to gain a detailed understanding of their child’s special needs & how to cope with them. It has proved to be an important & supportive network between them. It has also evolved an active parents association.

    Awareness campaigns :
    Ongoing awareness programs are conducted in nearby remote areas and in colleges through seminars, street plays, exhibitions, lectures, etc.

    Help Children with
                      Special Needs to Lead
    A Life with Dignity
                                 and Self Respect
    They need your compassion, understanding and help, to make them self sustaining individuals and productive members of society.
    Donation towards “Mitra Rehabilitation Centre” can be forwarded in favour of Anoopam Mission.
    (Donations are exempted from income tax, under section 35AC/80GGA of income tax act and under section 80G (5) of income tax act.)

    Our Achievements

    By sensory stimulation program, till now 10 children have benefited and are studying in the mainstream school. Till now 26 trained students are given job placements at different places.

    • 4 students in Mitra Rehabilitation Center itself 
    • 1 student is a successful office assistant in MRC’s office, 4 special employees are recruited in MRC who assist in jewellery department, tailoring department of vocational group and housekeeping of the school.
    • 2 in Information Technology Center.
    • 1 in Akshar Purushottam Technical Institute.
    • 5 are involved in their family business.
    • 8 have gone abroad with their family.

    5 students have participated in Special Olympics at International Level, and 3 of them have secured silver medals for India. One student went to Portugal, two went to Idaho, U.S.A, one went to South Korea and one went to Australia.
    On 15th July 2014, a Multi-category workshop has started for the adult disabled. Initially 20 adult disabled are working in this workshop.

    Our Future Plans
    • Development of Training and research facilities.
    • Consortium services for educational equipments and teaching aids.
    • Therapeutic mobile clinics in remote villages.
    • Multi–category workshop for adult disabled persons.
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