Gnanyagna Vidyalaya - Primary and Secondary Education
Year of Commencement : 12th June 1989

Gnanyagna Vidyalaya is comprised of two schools, a primary school (Dahyabhai Patel Prathmik Shikshan Sankul) and Secondary school. Primary school has seven standards i.e. from 1st to 7th. The school is duly recognised by the Director of Primary Education, Government of Gujarat. The school, though non-grantable from the State Government, follows the same curriculum designed by the Education Board of the State Government. The school follows a prescribed government curriculum and also school strives hard to incorporate many other activities for all-round development of the children.

An environment for the scientific temperament through a well-equipped laboratory, training in computer science and a well-maintained library make it a veritable institution in its own right.

The Secondary School is from 8th to 10th standards. The school is duly recognised by the Gujarat Secondary Education Board (GSEB) and the SSC Education Board, Government of Gujarat. The school follows the curriculum designed by the Secondary School Board.
Unique Features :
  • The medium of instruction is Gujarati but English as a second language is mandatory from the 1st standard
  • All children are introduced to classical music and dance by well-qualified instructors
  • All major festivals, regardless of religion, are celebrated at the schools
  • Students actively participate in various statewide and national level competitions in areas such as: drawing, writing, debate,elocution and various sports
  • 8th standard inwards is a day school programme which is aimed at developing adolescent's personality to the fullest.
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