Anand Balwadi - Kindergarten
Year of Commencement 12th June 1989

The pre-school program of Anand Balwadi is for the 'Tiny Tots' in the age groups of 2 ½ to 5 ½ years. The pre-school program is offered at three levels i.e. Nursery, Junior and Senior. The learning activities offered at all levels adopt 'play-way' methods.
The pre-school program is focused on the all-round development of the child, which includes areas like physical motor skills, communication skills, social skills, emotional development, cognitive development and self help skills.

Unique Features :
  • All the children prior to the nursery level enjoy two months placement in the playgroup along with their mothers. The mother and the child acquaint themselves with the school environment and the teachers. This helps the mother to lessen the emotional stress of leaving the child in to a totally new environment.
  • Children with special needs of pre-primary age are also integrated in this school.
  • On going teacher's enrichment program helps the teachers to be with the time.
  • The Toy Library is a center of attraction to the pre-school learners of Anand Balwadi and the other schools in its vicinity.
  • The school has well equipped play place.
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