Shree Thãkorji Mahãrãj during Brahmaswarup Param Pujya Bhagatji Mahãrãj’s 189th Prãgatyotsav celebrations.

Anoopam Soor Vrund sang the devotional bhajan Madiyã Hari re Hamne madiyã Hari. In this bhajan, wordings in a verse pronounce “Tãrã Sankalpe Ame aatle aavyã .... It is true that for a Bhakt, the highest accomplishment in life is his bhakti [devoted service of God] and this gives him complete satisfaction of having lived life to the fullest. Equally true is that a Bhakt is able to attain that level of bhakti only & only due to the blessings from an elevated Guru. Simply said, the source of accomplishment is the blessings.

The second Bhajan was “Maago Maago Bhagatji Aaj...”, The Bhajan made out of conversation between Mul Akshar Murti Shree Gunãtitãnand Swãmi and Brahmaswarup Bhagatji Mahãrãj. Pleased by the Sevã of Bhagatji Mahãrãj, Gunãtitãnand Swãmi says him to ask for whatever he wants and promises to bless him with that. Bhagatji Mahãrãj asks “Mãro Jeev Satsangi Thai...”. Gunãtitãnand Swãmi was so pleased that nobody has prayed for this and blesses him.

Pujya Govindbhai performed pujan of Shree Thãkorji Mahãrãj, Brahmaswarup  Bhagatji Mahãrãj and Sant Bhagwant Param Pujya Sahebji.
Anoopam Soor Vrund sang bhajan. Pujya Ashokbhai offered garland to Brahmaswarup  Bhagatji Mahãrãj and Sant Bhagwant Param Pujya Sahebji.
Pujya Satishbhai performed Mahãtmya Darshan pravachan.

Pujya Satishbhai : welcomed all to Anoopam Mission. Explaining some important aspects of Bhagatji Mahãrãj’s life, he expressed that Bhagatji Mahãrãj always accepted every incident – however difficult or unfavourable – as a creation of God. Pujya Satishbhai drew a parallel between the life of Bhagatji Mahãrãj and Sant Bhagwant Param Pujya Sahebji. Both have lived their lives with the ultimate faith that God is the “all doer” even when things happening are adverse; the person causing such difficulty is to be accepted as totally innocent for he is acting under the influence of God. He continued that the spirit of God remains omnipresent through different Saints, and in the present times, we must unconditionally accept the Guru blessed on us, to be the abode & form of God.

Hashmukhbhai performed Mahãtmya Darshan pravachan.

Shri Hasmukhbhai Vyas said that a gunãtit sãdhu positively accepts every characteristic in others, absorbs such characteristic & respects them.

Dr Manojbhai performed Mahãtmya Darshan pravachan.

Dr Manojbhai Soni expressed by singing the stanza of bhajan “Nã koi Sãrap, Nã koi Mahobbat, Sãrap Keval Prabhuni...”, depicting the principles on which Bhagatji Mahãrãj lived His life. How can we please God? By understanding God’s form, by recognising Saint’s form and by following the principles laid down by God. How does one understand God’s form? by accepting that this Universe functions as per God’s wish. How to recognise a Saint’s form?  A Saint lives in equanimity in all situations and every moment in the service of God. He concluded with a prayer seeking wisdom & strength to accept all that our Guru wants to bless us with.

Sadguru Sant Pujya Shantibhai showered blessings.

Sadguru Sant Pujya Shantibhai : Gurudev Brahmaswarup Yogiji Mahãrãj explained that sevã can be done in various forms but the highest form of sevã is to firmly believe that all around us are innocent and flawless. Mul Akshar Murti Shree Gunãtitãnand Swãmi was of a firm faith that there is no difference between Him and Shreeji Mahãrãj; similarly, in the present times that there is not an iota of difference between Sahebdada and Shreeji Mahãrãj. Namvã & Khamvã vinã sthiti pamãti nathi. We can attain Godliness only by being humble and egoless. True meaning of Nivrutti [retirement from worldly affairs] is being in service of God.
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Pujya Bharatbhai recalled the extreme adverse circumstances in which Bhagatji Mahãrãj lived through. And yet, He firmly believed that even those who behaved badly with him, were innocent & faultless. Bhagatji Mahãrãj is the role model for us.

Pujya Bharatbhai (YDS, Powai) showered blessings.
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